NY Man Charged With Conspiring Bar Attack for ISIS on NYE

Emanuel Lutchman, a 25-year-old NY resident, may have come across just another visitor to a Rochester restaurant during New Year’s’ Eve. No one would have suspected anything conspicuous until he was found armed with knives and a machete.


Being charged with the attempt to provide material support and resources to ISIS, he was successfully arrested by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for his heinous doings. He immediately appeared in federal court the following Thursday morning. Having being scheduled to return to the consequent hearing on Jan 8, he now sits detained in New York jail.


The materials included a machete, duct tape, knives, ammonia, latex  gloves and zip ties in case of a kidnapping. They were bought from Walmart on Hudson Avenue on the 29th of December by Lutchman who was accompanied by an informant.


And what’s more? This is not the first time he has been found guilty of committing a crime. Maintaining his reputation of committing several degrees of crimes, he was even found guilty of a robbery back in 2006. Lutchman’s public record history is filled with events leading towards revealing him to be an unstable man. Being charged with  domestic violence on his former girlfriend, he was even scheduled to appear in state court during the beginning of the year.


According to relevant sources, Lutchman is said to have started corresponding with an FBI informant back in November. In fact, he was even reported to have made several statements expressing his support for ISIS. Expressing his desire to join this group in Syria, he recorded himself on his cell phone wherein he is seen swearing allegiance to ISIS and its leaders. The video, which was discovered by officials, also show him claiming responsibility for the attacks that took place in Rochester.

“Lutchman expressed his hatred for everything American and his intention to make hijra and leave America,” stated Klapec. (“Hijra” translates as migration.). According to authorities, it was Lutchman’s intentions to travel to Syria and join ISIS.


Even though, this might have started off with a simple idea or desire to join a cause, it was only put into motion when the alleged terror operator asked Lutchman to plan an operation during New Year’s Eve to kill as many Americans as possible to prove his allegiance.


Three FBI informants were set to build a strong case against Lutchman. “The FBI thwarted Emanuel Lutchman’s intent to kill civilians on New Year’s Eve,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Adam Cohen said in a news release Thursday.


“According to the (criminal complaint), as part of Emanuel Lutchman’s attempt to provide material support to ISIL, he planned to kill innocent civilians on New Year’s Eve in the name of the terrorist organization. “Thankfully, law enforcement was able to intervene and thwart Lutchman’s deadly plans,” added U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin.

California Mom Decides To Take a Dump on Package Thieves

California Mom Decides To Take a “Dump” on Package Thieves

With some assistance from her 2-year-old son and her dog, Michaela Roekle found a way to get back at the thieves who stole packages from her home six different times in the past year. It was sweet, smelly revenge.

Anyone who’s ever been a victim of doorstep package theft has felt the helpless frustration of knowing that the criminals will get away without repercussion. More often than not, they don’t even know what they’re stealing from your family, or if it’s of any actual monetary value.

According to recent statistics released by insurancequotes.com, more than 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their doorsteps at least once. It’s a troubling trend that’s on the rise, particularly in suburban areas that are filled with families.

But Roekle earned a win for everyone who’s ever felt that disappointment in humanity. Shortly before Christmas, she started planting packages that contained an unpleasant surprise for the repeat package thieves. The perpetrator(s) had been plaguing the Corona, California community for some time, and neighbors felt the punishment was well-deserved.

One Corona resident started a “Package of Poop On The Porch Week” Facebook group in an effort to rally at least 38 SoCal residents to fight back against the thieves. Roekle was just one of hopefully many of the Corona residents to follow through the nasty plan.

She collected “contributions” from her young son, Brayven and their family dog. After gathering up some up Brayven’s dirty diapers and cleaning up the yard of the dog’s poop, Roekle loaded up a series of fake packages, sealed them up, and then set them out on the doorstep to wait.

“We’re hoping they get a nice surprise when they open these up in their car,” Roekle said.

Neighbors are pleased to have an opportunity to get back at the local thieves. But the Corona Police Department says that even if the package thieves are caught stinky-handed, they can’t be arrested because the fake packages have no monetary value… just vengeful value.

A United States Post Office spokesperson said that there are better ways to prevent package theft in the first place rather than having to take revenge after the fact, or trying to catch them in the act with security cameras.

They suggest requiring a signature to receive the package and all deliveries and to contact local police if the package is stolen. Police can send a patrol car to the area to keep an eye out during peak delivery hours if it becomes a significant problem, and hopefully ward off any would-be package thieves from stealing.

But according to Roekle, she’s just happy to prove a disgusting point to the thieves. “We’re just trying to show justice,” Roekle said. She repeated what she tells her 2-year-old son; a lesson which she hopes the package thieves of Corona, California will take to heart after discovering the poop-filled decoy packages. “You don’t steal, it’s very simple,” Roekle said.

California Neighborhood Evacuated By Trump Supporter

California Neighborhood Evacuated By Trump Supporter

In Richmond, California a man was arrested by police for making a homemade bomb and communication of threats. The neighborhood on Mcbryde Ave was evacuated after a tip off to police had been made on December seventeenth. This man’s name is William Celli and he is an active Donald Trump supporter. Celli a fiftyfive year old man of California has been making bomb in his home. Celli’s anti-Muslim beliefs have been heavy announced by him on his social media account.  It was believed that Celli was going to use the homemade devices on Muslim’s. After the neighborhood was cleared swat entered the home of William Celli and arrested him on communication of threats and possession of an explosive device on Sunday December 20th.


Celli’s devotion to Donald Trump was displayed on his Facebook account stating “Donald Trumps on again I’m happy leaders okay this guys a great point man.” Quite confusing to see what this man is actually saying with all the grammatical errors but it is clear that he supports Donald Trump. Even posted pictures of his homemade pipe bomb.  Celli states “ I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world.” Donald Trump proposed that all Muslims are to be banned from the United States and Celli couldn’t agree more. Celli goes on in older posts about how by letting the Syrian Refugees in that the Muslims would kill us all. Donald Trump’s bold statements and strong opinions affect his followers. The actions of this man are not Donald Trump’s fault but the fear he instilled may have pushed this man to insanity. Political leaders have to be careful of what they say and how they say their viewpoints. They are role models for our people. Such strong hate is what drives terrorists and extremists to murdered and kill innocent people. This is a hate crime against Muslims. Celli’s hatred has also been directed to Hispanics as well. Celli claimed on another social media rambling “And I’ve very happy to report we are getting invaded by tens of thousands of illegals.” He believes his plumbing business is being taken over by the Hispanics that are here illegally. This is also another topic Donald Trump has strong feelings about as well, immigration.


If this man had not posted his thoughts and beliefs on social media would there have been a tip off to Richmond police that he planned on using bombs on Muslims? Thankfully that was not the case. Where and when was this man planning on using these homemade devices? The Walnut Creek Bomb Squad detonated the homemade devices and they were found to be duds. A childhood friend took screenshot of Celli’s social media posts prior to them being deleted and turned them in. As the investigation unfolds on December 4th Celli shouted outside the Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County “ I am going to kill you all.” It has been discussed by some that this belief of Celli is close enough to be considered terrorism. Celli’s is currently being held in custody at a $525,000.00 bond. The date of his hearing has not been released.