bong threat

Bong Threat?

I know what you must be thinking, I’m sure that’s a typo and it is supposed to say bomb threat.” Well a bong threat is actually exactly what we are talking about here. Oceanside Police Department was in for a surprise when a concerned and brave citizen found a bag with what was believed to be an explosive device. So “bong threat” is correct in this situation.

On December third a woman (concerned citizen) came into the lobby of the Oceanside Police Department headquarters carrying a suspicious bag. With current events that have taken place everyone is on edge with possible gun and bomb threats. The woman proceeded with caution and wanted to do the right thing. This poor woman probably thinking she was carrying some sort of weapon and that it needed to be the hands of the officials. The woman bravely said to the receptionist, “ I think I have a bomb in this bag.” The receptionist looked inside the bag and unsure of what he had just saw, quickly went to his supervisor. The receptionist explained to the supervisor that he had heard the woman say that she had a bomb in the bag and came to the department to have it properly disposed of. Now of course asking questions like how did the woman come across such item were set aside because of the possible bomb threat. The supervision and a detective at this point evacuated the building immediately and made sure it was clear of any possible victims. The detective looked inside the bag and the look on his face went from concerned, surprised, and then amused. The smiling detective said “Not a bomb, bong!”

This story has already become a Facebook frenzy. The Police station posts about the incident jokingly. The receptionist was actually found to be a volunteer for the police department. The volunteer is from a generation where bongs were not of use. The lady who brought the bag stated that she indeed said bong and knew it was drug paraphernalia and not a bomb. The woman stated she had a few rental properties broken into and trashed. Upon cleaning of the properties the woman stumbled on this now infamous bong.  The woman wanted the drug paraphernalia disposed of properly and did not want anyone else to get there hands on it. The lady thought the receptionist seemed odd when she said to him “ I think I have a bong in this bag.” The volunteer had mistakenly thought the women said bomb and if he did not know what a bong was then the misunderstanding continued then led to the evacuation of the Oceanside Police Department building. At least we know that bomb and bong threats are carefully handle these officials. The poor woman was probably so confused as to why this bong threat was evacuating the building and later learned they thought she had a bomb. The department states in a Facebook post “you can’t make this stuff up..” Who knew that the word bong would ever be confused with bomb.