bong threat

Bong Threat?

I know what you must be thinking, I’m sure that’s a typo and it is supposed to say bomb threat.” Well a bong threat is actually exactly what we are talking about here. Oceanside Police Department was in for a surprise when a concerned and brave citizen found a bag with what was believed to be an explosive device. So “bong threat” is correct in this situation.

On December third a woman (concerned citizen) came into the lobby of the Oceanside Police Department headquarters carrying a suspicious bag. With current events that have taken place everyone is on edge with possible gun and bomb threats. The woman proceeded with caution and wanted to do the right thing. This poor woman probably thinking she was carrying some sort of weapon and that it needed to be the hands of the officials. The woman bravely said to the receptionist, “ I think I have a bomb in this bag.” The receptionist looked inside the bag and unsure of what he had just saw, quickly went to his supervisor. The receptionist explained to the supervisor that he had heard the woman say that she had a bomb in the bag and came to the department to have it properly disposed of. Now of course asking questions like how did the woman come across such item were set aside because of the possible bomb threat. The supervision and a detective at this point evacuated the building immediately and made sure it was clear of any possible victims. The detective looked inside the bag and the look on his face went from concerned, surprised, and then amused. The smiling detective said “Not a bomb, bong!”

This story has already become a Facebook frenzy. The Police station posts about the incident jokingly. The receptionist was actually found to be a volunteer for the police department. The volunteer is from a generation where bongs were not of use. The lady who brought the bag stated that she indeed said bong and knew it was drug paraphernalia and not a bomb. The woman stated she had a few rental properties broken into and trashed. Upon cleaning of the properties the woman stumbled on this now infamous bong.  The woman wanted the drug paraphernalia disposed of properly and did not want anyone else to get there hands on it. The lady thought the receptionist seemed odd when she said to him “ I think I have a bong in this bag.” The volunteer had mistakenly thought the women said bomb and if he did not know what a bong was then the misunderstanding continued then led to the evacuation of the Oceanside Police Department building. At least we know that bomb and bong threats are carefully handle these officials. The poor woman was probably so confused as to why this bong threat was evacuating the building and later learned they thought she had a bomb. The department states in a Facebook post “you can’t make this stuff up..” Who knew that the word bong would ever be confused with bomb.

Weirdest Laws that Actually Still Exist in California

Some of California’s weirdest long-forgotten laws may have made sense at one point or another. But now, they just hang around for us to scratch our heads at. Unless you’re a woman driving in a housecoat, in which case you’ll be arrested.

Here are 5 other bizarre California laws to watch out for:



  • No Zoot Suits Allowed


‘Zoot Suit Riot’ is a catchy song, but it’s rooted in sad historical fact. The Zoot Suit Riots were a series of racially motivated riots that broke out in L.A. during World War II. Due to the shortage and rationing of goods at the time, high quality fabric was expensive. Using lots of high quality fabric to make a fashionable suit was deemed unpatriotic; as if the wearer didn’t care about the war effort.

Zoot suits were fashionable among many Latinos in the Los Angeles area, and drew harsh criticism from whites in the neighborhoods about the waste of fabric. Fights regularly broke out, and formed full-blown riots and violence.

Eventually, a law was passed that made zoot suits illegal in California in an effort to put an end to the fighting. The law still stands. So stick to a polo or something.


  1. Don’t Annoy the Lizards in the Park in Fresno

The law actually states: “Section 8-410. Disturbing animals in parks.

No person shall hunt, pursue, annoy, throw stones or missiles at, or molest or disturb in any way, any animal, bird or reptile within the confines of any park. (Orig. Ord. 1076).”

It’s a weird one; but fair enough, really. How would you like it if someone came into your house and poked sticks at you? You’ll get a fine for pestering the poor park pigeons of Fresno.


  1. You Can’t Crack a Window in Dana Point

This law says that it’s illegal to use your bathroom when the window is open. Even in your own home. Supposedly, the idea behind it is that it’s bad enough to have to stink up your own bathroom. But nobody else wants to have to smell it, too.

It’s gross. But again; this one makes some sense. We all get along better with our neighbors if we don’t have to smell them at their worst.


  1. When There’s No Driver, the Speed Limit is 60 mph

What?! ….What?! How?

In the state of California, a car may not exceed the speed of 60 mph… if there’s nobody driving it. The only possible explanation is that it was intended for cars that were maybe being towed behind other cars or trailers. But no- they had to phrase it in the most perplexing way possible.

Really, if your vehicle manages to make it up to 60 mph all on its own, it deserves a medal rather than a ticket.


  1. You Can’t Store Anything in Your Own Garage in San Francisco

The housing codes in San Francisco are extremely strict, and Chapter 6 of the San Francisco Housing Code 399-89 is no exception. Garages are only for cars.

So you’re stuck with a building a separate shed (if you manage to get it approved), your attic, or a renting a storage unit somewhere if you have some knickknacks you want to stash away.

Strange Bright Light Noticed in Southern California Sky

A Trident II D5 missile

In the United States, people are simply fascinated with strange occurrences, and the unknown. It is no wonder that many people were confused when they saw a strange, bright light in the sky. This mysterious occurrence occurred earlier in the month, on a Sunday evening. The bright light streaked over the California night sky. This light was so bright, that it was reported in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and even Mexico. What exactly was this strange light, where did it come from, and was it really supernatural?


Area residents report what they saw

There were many accounts reported by residents stretching from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay area. Although each person thought the light was something different, most people detailed exactly what the light looked like, using the same terms. It was a bright, shining light that looked as if it was moving throughout the sky. Some could see the color fading from a bright red to a white, blue, or green. People had no idea what was going on. There were ideas thrown around that the light was a meteor, nuclear bomb, a secret NASA project, or celestial sighting. Several videos were posted to popular social media websites where the light actually looked like it was headed toward the ground. It was definitely a sight to behold, but it didn’t turn out to be anything out of the ordinary.


What was the strange light?

The United States Navy announced later, that the bright light came from an unarmed Trident missile, which was launched from the Kentucky submarine off the coast of Southern California. They claimed that this was in fact a scheduled launch, while residents nearby told news reporters that they always announce these types of missile launches ahead of time. The Navy did respond to state that this particular type of missile launch is not routinely announced, but is classified after the launch takes place. NBC News reported that the missile was not armed. A spokesperson for the United States Navy states that, “Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class SSBN, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California. The tests were part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation test. The Trident II is a submarine-launched ballistic missile.” Viewers simply experienced the military taking part in a series of tests, in order to make sure their system is reliable.


Viewers believe it was really just a missile?

Even after the Navy came out with their statement announcing that the light came from a tested missile launch, there were still people who didn’t want to believe it, and thought it was all just a cover up. There are always going to be certain individuals who want to believe in the extraterrestrial, and that there is life beyond planet Earth. Unfortunately for these people, they are just going to have to come to terms that the mysterious light was not out of the ordinary.