Stephen Colbert, pseudo-conservative satirist, cheats death in final ‘Report’

Stephen Colbert, the pseudo-conservative commentator and talk-show host developed by the real Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show and honed to biting perfection for nine years on The Colbert Report, slipped out of this realm Thursday night on Comedy Central. He was roughly 17.

Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. was cast into eternity from his New York City studio during his 1,447th episode after confronting the Grim Reaper, shooting the dark angel with a revolver mid-show and declaring himself “deathless.”

“Wait a minute! I just killed Death!” he said, defying widely held expectations that Colbert would be dying on his final Comedy Central telecast. “That means … I am immortal! Nothing can stop me now!”

10 weirdest things that have been pulled out of people’s bums


Everyone has done something stupid to get themselves into trouble, but idiotic stunts that can land you in the hospital is usually not what that happens once your grown-up common sense kicks in

YouTube channel AllTime10‘s compiled some of the most unbelievable instances when people decided to not listen when their brains told them sticking objects like potatoes, concrete and even a live eel in their butt.

Society’s booty obsession has officially gotten out of hand.

Making candy canes by hand is such a fascinating process


One of my favorite things: seeing the process of how things are made from things I’ve never ever wondered how they get made. Take for instance this awesome hand made candy cane. It starts as dark goop and yellow goop that looks unrecognizable from the all familiar candy cane and through creative work, becomes a candy cane.

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The best iPad apps of 2014


Between iOS 8 and a new lineup of tablets from Apple, iPad users got some pretty big updates in 2014.

Of course, major hardware and software updates also means a slew of new and better-than-ever apps. With all-new ways to tell stories, shoot and edit photos and create documents, iPad users can get more done than ever before

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Check out our list, below, to see the apps that made our top picks and, if you’re an iPhone user too, be sure to check out our list of top iPhone apps.

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A complete recap of ‘The Interview,’ the movie Sony may never show you


LOS ANGELES — Sony has no plans at the moment to release The Interview after scrapping its Christmas Day theatrical release this week — not DVD, not VOD, not streaming, nothing. As of this writing, you simply cannot see the movie, and probably won’t for a good long while.

But before Guardians of Peace threatened physical violence against movie theaters, it was screened for critics, at the Los Angeles premiere, and at the Austin, Texas-based movie marathon known as Butt-Numb-a-Thon.

I was at the premiere here, where the crowd — mostly Sony employees, to be fair — was howling with laughter at this wildly inappropriate, borderline offensive comedy, from beginning to end. Critics have not been kind, as The Interview has a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, an aggregate score I utterly do not understand.

Watch the visual effects reel of Transformers 4


Skip the terrible movie that was Transformers 4 and let’s just enjoy the awesomeness of this visual effects reel from ILM for Transformers: Age of Extinction. It has all the coolest parts of the movie anyway, which is all the parts with any Transformers transforming and any Transformers causing explosions.

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Eight children stabbed to death in Cairns suburb


Eight children, aged between 18 months and 15 years old, were found stabbed to death in a home in the small Cairns suburb of Manoora in Australia, authorities said Friday local time.

Cairns detectives are investigating the children’s deaths after being called to the Manoora residence around 11:20 a.m. following reports that there was a woman with “serious injuries,” according to a statement from Queensland Police Services

The woman, 34, is in a stable condition at a nearby hospital and is assisting in the investigation, Cairns Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said during a press conference near the crime scene

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